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Taking Delivery
I got this beauty 02/28/02 from Rusnak BMW in Westlake/Thousand Oaks, California.  Ron Randall did a great job as salesperson and the rest of the staff
at Rusnak was wonderful as well.  The car was an August '01 build, shown sold in Nov., '01 (internally to the dealership) and still available in Feb., 02.  The
fine people at Rusnak told me they would give me a great deal if I would come and give the car a good home.  When I actually showed up interested in the
car, the sales staff was very eager to talk to me . . . Click on the picture to see more pictures at the dealership.

Top Down Pics

   The two tone interiors of the M Roadsters really look sporty when the top is down.  This car has the Imola Red and Black interior.  Click on the picture to see a composite of top down pictures (courtesy of Albert N.)
   That's my nephew Sean in the car.  He thinks I have a cool car, but that's understandable because he likes to go
     FAST !!!!!!! 

LA BMW CCA Clean Car Contest and Picnic 2002

Near the end of every April, the LA BMW CCA holds a chapter clean car contest/picnic with the proceeds going to charity.  With my car being so new, I
only entered as display only but had a great time and got to share parking with an e36 M3 ltw.    I was told by one of the judges that I REALLY should
have entered, so I'll try and be ready for next year's.  Click on the pictures to see some of the classic BMWs at the picnic (courtesy of Sam N.)

Tech Sessions

   In SoCal quite a few BMW enthusiasts like to get together for what are known as tech sessions.  These are where the owners like to get together and work on their own cars to perform what are know as DIYs  (B'fest DIY Forum)  for Do-It-Yourself.  The types of projects could range from oil changes and brake maintenance to suspension modifications and paddle shifter retrofits.
   They are great learning experiences and Dan (aka The Hack), the LA BMW CCA Product Evaluation Editor, hosts them on a regular basis (by definition, any tech session hosted by The HACK is a Hack Session  ).  In addition to being great learning experiences, tech sessions are just a lot of fun (Latest Hack Session)
   I also volunteer to take turns hosting them on  occasion.  Recently I had about 10 Z roadsters and coupes over our place for a Z Car Tech Session. Click on the picture to see all the Z cars at my house.  Eric (Eric5150) did a great job off posting a write-up (Eric's write-up) .  (pictures courtesy of Bob B., Dan W. and Eric V.)

Detailing Clinics
Every so often I'll try to organize a detailing clinic.  In getting ready for the first one, I was fortunate enough to run into Marco, the proprietor of  The Carnuba Store .  He says "Detail clinics?  Oh, I do those."  Marco hosted the event, provided breakfast and covered things like paint basics, claying and using a Porter Cable.  Not only did he bail me out, but it was a great time for all who went and no matter what our detailing experience, everyone came away with something they could use.  Paul did a great job of writing up a report of the event  (although the pics may no longer be hosted)   (pictures courtesy of Paul L.)  Paul's Write Up  and  Follow Up Thread

Every year, on a Saturday in April, Cutter Motors in Santa Barbara clears the inventory off the lot and opens up the dealership to host a great event called Bimmerfest.  It's a one day gathering for the BMW enthusiasts that make up the BMW on-line community.  The event is free of charge and features vendors, display cars, seminars and demos and even lunch provided by Cutter Motors.  But the real highlight of the event is a road rally of hundreds of BMWs through Santa Barbara County.  After a day of Bimmerfest, enthusiasts wishing to stick around can party together on State Street that evening.   Click on the pictures to see more Bimmerfest shots.

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Death Valley Runs
Every now and then the guys feel the urge to hit the open road - and I mean open!  You can find some pretty deserted roads in Death Valley, which isn't far from the areas where auto makers will take new cars to secluded areas for desert road testing.  What could anybody with a an ultimate driving machine possibly want to do on deserted roads with straightaways that go for miles?   Click on the picture to see a group shot (pictures courtesy of Plaz and Vince).  Follow Up Thread