Nav Software CD V.18/V.19 FAQ – Updated 9/8/2002

1.) The new graphics/features are for the MK III system ONLY. The MK III system is installed on all 3-Series produced after 6/2000, 5 & 7 produced after 9/2000. The version 18 CD update will take the MK III system to version 4.0.  The version 18.2 CD update will take the MKIII system to version 4.1. The version 19 CD update will take the MKIII system to version 5.0.

2.) The update disk DOES work on the MKII system installed on all 1999 and 2000 models, however the MKII does NOT get the new graphics, features, etc, but does get many bug fixes and a slightly improved trip routing logic. The 18 & 18.2 update disk will both take the MK II system to version 8.0.

3.)The software is NOT available for download. You must either have the dealer do the upgrade (some actually do have both required CD's) or purchase the upgrade kit from BMW.

4.) The software IS available for at your dealer's parts department. The part number is 65 90 0 140 531 and the description should come up as "Split Screen". The upgrade kit includes the Software-CD, Key-CD, and instruction manual. Only purchase the kit though if you are positive you have the MK III system otherwise you will be wasting your money. Most if not all dealers should have the version 18 Software-CD and if you have the MK II system you will not need the Key-CD to complete the installation like the MK III system. – UPDATE – The dealers are no longer selling the version 18 disk since the 19 CD has been released.  The part number for this disk is 01 59 0 141 891. This part number is ONLY the software CD and does not include the Key-CD. This part number is the same as the 18.2 disk.

5.) If you can confirm you have MKIII system, but your dealer says you can't upgrade, THEY ARE WRONG. It does not matter that the 2001's do not have the widescreen. IT WILL WORK. To prove them wrong, get the upgrade kit, install it, show it to them and then smile when your service advisor is completely stumped and looks like an uninformed idiot!

6.) The Software-CD and Key-CD are linked together which means you cannot use any Software-CD with any Key-CD. Each Key-CD has a matching Software-CD so if your dealer has the Software-CD, you cannot use a Key-CD that you may have obtained elsewhere.

7.) The MK III system is the only nav version that requires the Key-CD. If you are doing the upgrade on a MK II system, you will NOT be asked to insert a Key-CD after you complete the upgrade.

8.) The version 18 disk is NOT the map update disk that you receive from NavTech. The nav software updates the operating system of the navigation computer. The Map disk just provides the map database for the navigation system. They are separate and unrelated.

9.) Version 18 does not mean you have version 18 of the navigation software. Version 18 means that the software CD is the 18th Navigation software CD BMW has released since first offering the Navigation System as an option. The version 18 disk will update the MKIII to application version 4.0 and MKII to application version 8.0.  The version 18.2 disk will update the MKIII to application version 4.1, but the MK I and MKII systems are NOT updated to a newer software version with the 18.2 CD. The 18.2 disk ONLY updates the MKIII system. The version 19 disk will update the MKIII system to application version 5.0

10.) If your dealer does the upgrade, but doesn't have the Key-CD and has to take you back to version 17, the navigation system may reset out of USA mode. You will know this has happened if you are now receiving directions in yards instead of feet and the "Emergency" option has disappeared from your main menu. To fix this, make sure the dealer hooks the car up to their computer and resets the navigation system to "USA". You will also know if this has happened if you do not receive the "Accept" screen. Nav systems that are not in USA mode do loose some functionality that is unique to the United States.

11.) If you upgrade your MKIII system with the version 18 disk and do not have a BMW phone (CPT-8000 in the US & Can / any of the BMW GSM phones in Europe) installed, you will not see the "Emergency" option in the main menu since this information can now be accessed by using the split screen option and selecting the on-board computer option. Again, this will only show as a dedicated menu option if you have the CPT-8000 cellular phone installed. With the version 19 disk (software version 5.0) the emergency feature is available even if the BMW phone is not installed.

12.) On the MKIII system with the version 18 upgrade disk installed, the 2001.1 USA disks from NavTech work with no problem, but the newest 2001.2 disks are better optimized for the new version and run a little bit faster than the 2001.1 disk.

14.) You do loose the OBC+Radio option if you have the MKIII system and choose to upgrade. It comes down to personal preference, but in my opinion, the new features far outweigh loosing this.

15.) The way to determine which Nav software version you have is to go into either “Set” or “Settings” from the main menu.  In the upper right hand corner, (see picture) you will SW x-x/xx.  The first number indicates which generation nav system you have.  1 indicates MKI, 2 indicates MKII, and 3 indicates MKIII.  The second number (which will most likely be 1) tells you that you have the full color “high level” nav screen.  The third numbers tells you the software version.  The version 18 disk will take a MKIII system to version 4.0 and show 1/40.  The 18.2 disk will take the MKIII system to version 4.1 and will show as 1/41. The 19 disk will take the MKIII system to version 5.0 and will show as 1/51.

16.) The 19 Nav Software CD has been released by BMW.  If you have used the version 18 disk to bring your MKIII system to software 4.0, you will have no problems using this disk.  If your MKIII system is still using a software version below 4.0, the system will ask you for the Key-CD which most dealers do not have.  You will need to first upgrade to version 4.0 using the version 18 software CD and Key-CD.  If you have a 2002 vehicle, you will not have a problem as all 2002’s came from the factory with the 4.0, 4.1, or 5.0 software.  Cars produced after sometime in December have the 4.1 software loaded. Cars produced after some point in the beginning of April have the 5.0 software and the nav system is completely up to date - no update is needed.  The only way to know which software you have though is to check your software version

17.) The 4.1 software that the 18.2 CD loads onto the MKIII system is mainly a bug fixer.  BMW has not added any new features to the software.  With the 4.1 software, the nav system runs a little but quicker and much of the lag time that was present with the 4.0 software has been removed.  The OBC+Radio is still not available. One bug this CD fixes from the MKIII 4.0 version is the Scan & Random being switched in functionality (i.e. Scan did Random and Random did Scan).

18.) The 5.0 software that the 19 CD loads onto the MKIII system is also mainly a bug fixer.  BMW has not added any major new features to the software.  With the 5.0 software, the nav system runs a little but quicker than the 4.1, especially in Navigation mode.  The OBC+Radio is still not available, so it is probably safe to assume that BMW has removed that feature. One bug that is fixed on the MKIII system is the "T" on the radio screen is removed.

19.) The 2001 E46 3-Series can be upgraded to the new navigation monitor (16x9 format). The part numbers you will need are 65-52-6-923-873 which is the cassette housing (MSRP - $570) and 65-50-6-911-009 which is the screen (MSRP - $1495). Keep in mind these prices are MSRP and can be purchased cheaper by mail order from dealers like Pacific BMW, Peter Pan BMW, and Circle BMW.