This is the new static home for photos embedded in the legacy Roadfly forums.

IMPORTANT: Old images and links will not break. If you've written long posts on Roadfly or somewhere else the images in the old system will continue to appear in those posts, articles, etc. Unfortunately due to limitations of the vBulletin software, which now runs the Roadfly forums, we were unable to bring the old images into the new system. They are not lost. They are hear serving up pretty pictures. :-)

How do I access my email

If you're a current Inner Circle member trying to log into your Roadfly Inner Circle Email account please follow the link below. A few years ago Roadfly migrated Inner Circle members over to Google's GMail. The link below takes you to your Roadfly email hosted by Google. If you have a or a email address and are an IC member in good standing you have access to your email and all other Google Apps features via the link below.


How to Upload New Photos to the Roadfly Forums

Please upload photos and other attachments via the new forum Attachment Manager.

Create an album and upload your pictures to the album. Once you have images in the new forums attachment manager system you can then add them as you please to forum posts.

• Make sure to make the album "Public" if you intend to use the images within posts or articles on Roadfly or elsewhere.

Upload New Photos Here: Roadfly Forum Photo Albums

Please visit the Roadfly Help Desk forum if you have any questions or commments.